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Prepaid Card

Prepaid card is not like the debit card or debit card . Prepaid card is a physical card and have a unique no. we recharge this card like the sim card, DTH card metro card and use this amount in online shopping, in the shops, on the petrol pumps etc. we use this card till the amount is not finished in this card. Once the recharge amount is finished in the card we need to recharge again this prepaid card. For this card we provide the prepaid card API.

Kmpaisa is one of the best company which provide the prepaid card API. Using this API you can use all the prepaid card services. With the prepaid API you cane make the prepaid card and provide the prepaid card recharge service. A prepaid card is both the virtual card, or physical card. With the Softcare Infotech you can take the prepaid card API and provide all Prepaid card using your portal.

Features of Prepaid Cards

  • End-to-end card life cycle management offers design, development, processing and administration of cards
  • Instant in-branch card issuance
  • Configurable rules engine to set rules for users, merchants, locations, etc.
  • Multi-institution support
  • Multi Wallet support to link more than one account to a single prepaid card
  • Post issuance support functions to handle reissuance, renewal, hot listing
  • Self-Service portal for call centers, merchants, corporate and cardholders
  • Goods and services can be bought without the need of cash transactions.
  • Prepaid cards help in controlling spending. You will be able to set a budget and reload the card so that you can spend within the budget.
  • Individuals who have a bad credit score can also opt for a prepaid card.

Benefits of Prepaid Card :

  • Reduced operating cost
  • Merchant get paid based on transaction slab.
  • Ability to handle large volume of transactions without manual intervention resulting in improved efficiency
  • Faster roll out of new innovative card products
  • Easy and quick expansion across geographies through multicurrency, multi-institution and multilingual support
  • Improve customer experience and reduce costs with instant issuance
  • Contact and contactless EMV card support for Visa and MasterCard
  • Increase revenue by leveraging value added services, mobile recharge, online shopping etc.
  • Minimize downtime and turnaround time by using robust platform

Easy to get

Getting a prepaid card is easy. There's no credit check or bank account required.

Safer than cash

You could recover your money if your card is lost or stolen after you’ve registered it. You can't say that about cash.

More convenient than cash

Your Prepaid Card is accepted everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted and you can even have your paycheck directly deposited to your registered card.

Easy to manage your finances

No more waiting in line for money orders. Use your Prepaid Card to pay bills and manage your expenses.